Senior Developer - 213819

Candidate No:  213819
Senior Developer
Location:  Cape Town
Availability:  7 Days

An Independent Contractor and skilled professional with over 20+ years IT experience including 7 years IT Software Development in the USA. Takes responsibility for projects and utilizes analytical ability to overcome obstacles while quickly responding to project needs. Proven ability to learn new skills in reply to market opportunities and demands. Holds a B. Sc (Computer Science, UCT) degree and JAVA programmer certified (SUN Microsystems, USA).
Applied Skills like Software Architecture, Design, Software Engineering and Development on various projects in different Industries like Banking, Insurance, Mobile/Telecom and others. Experience in applying Agile Methodologies and Techniques to various projects.
Has also worked in various roles from Developer, Senior Developer, Technical Team Lead and Software Engineering Manager.
Main technology skills and experience is within the Enterprise Java Platform and related technologies including Mobile and Android Development.
Looking to explore IT career's in areas such as Project lead / Management, Application Architecture, Team Lead and Senior Developer.  Exposure to Enterprise Architecture, Integration, Design, Analysis, Research and Application Development on projects that relate to Mobile and Telecom, Web, e-Commerce, Distributed systems, Financial, Computer Networks and Engineering .
Available on short notice this Candidate is available to re-locate for the duration of a contract.