Programme Systems Analyst - 12515

Job No: 12515
Programme Systems Analyst
6-12 month contract
R400.00 an hour
Cape Town

Description of Role: It is the role of the Enablers Programme Systems Analyst to undertake systems analysis activities to inform the design and development of integration services and enabler solutions required for the successful delivery of the SAT RPP Digital Front End programme and related integrations.

The systems analyst can be assigned systems analyst responsibilities specific to a stream on the RPP programme as well as analysis responsibilities for larger, more complex solutions that span across streams.

1. Reporting lines:
Each systems analyst will be assigned to a specific work-stream and their lines of reporting will be:

  • Stream Enabler Project manager for day to day management
  • Solution architect for work allocation and review of outputs

In addition, they may be requested to undertake analysis activities for larger and more complex changes that span across streams.

Work may be requested by:

  • Stream PM;
  • Stream Enabler PM;
  • Stream Solution Architect;
  • Enablers IOP Manager;
  • Enablers IOP Test Project Manager; and/or
  • Enablers Programme Manager.

Work priorities will be defined by the Stream PM and Stream Enabler PM in the case of a systems analyst located within a stream.

The Enabler Programme Systems Analyst will develop cordial and constructive working relationships with other programme team members to operate as one team towards a common objective.

2. Responsibilities:

  • Analyse system and data requirements to inform design of integration services and enabler solutions
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders including project managers, business analysts, solution architects, integration architects to gather information and undertake analysis
  • Aligning and performing impact assessment of the solution design across various work streams where the requirements are similar
  • Ensuring alignment with specified solution architecture principles per requirement
  • Engage with the relevant resources that produce the Integrated Low Level design of the solution, encompassing the integration points within the end to end process management components, the physical design and data mapping required to enable integration from the front end to other solution delivery services
  • Liaising with various Business Architects, Business Analysts and Solution Architects to understand and implement the architecture and design at a detailed enough level for work to start.
  • Produce artefacts in the appropriate formats and work collaboratively to deliver required system specifications
  • Identifying and defining test data requirements
  • Supporting various System Solution teams to achieve overall programme goals
  • Validate the developed solution against the specifications and report any defects
  • Support the Testing teams in establishing the root cause and resolving issues within the defect management process
  • Support the Enablers team members in the achievement of overall programme goals by working as one team
  • Improve documentation standards and quality where possible
  • Identify and report possible risks or issues emerging from work including potential impacts on design complexity, delays in work or availability of key resources
  • Keeping the relevant Project Managers informed of progress and issues

Areas: Servicing, Application, Reinsurance and Underwriting for Proposition, areas to be defined for Savings & Investment.

3. Performance Measurement:

  • Performance measurement for the Enabler Programme System Analysts that are employed as contractors will not be a formal process within the OM Performance Assessment framework. To ensure delivery of the Enablers Programme objectives, Systems Analyst performance will be measured against their delivery of the above requirements.
  • Systems analysts can request feedback from different stakeholders on their performance related to the above requirements to ensure delivery to the expected requirements and to inform their own growth and development.
  • Stream Project Managers can request for feedback from other parties to gain insight into the System Analysts performance with the aim of increasing the overall success of the Programme.