GM; BA ; System & Process Integration Engineer; Snr Factory MGR - 218819

Candidate No:  218819
GM; Business Analyst/Consultant; System & Process Integration Engineer; Snr Factory Manager
Location:  Gauteng
Asking Salary: R 105 000 per month
Availability:  1 Month

This gentleman is an analytical and problem solving star candidate. He is a Business Analyst and SAP Solution Manager Certified Consultant. Experienced in modeling with ARIS, workshop facilitation and training skills. Change Management and Integration Engineering skills also makes part of his repertoire.

He possesses of very good Project Management skills. His career history boast of Process and Redesign consultant. He is a high level individual whom can interact at board level. He takes responsibility in all he does, most important - he ensures quality of work performance. He eagerly forms an integral part of action teams in solving problems, implementation and operational and remains "hands-on" at all times.  

He excels in consultation, advise and changing processes. He has excellent experience in working the the Supply Chain environment. He is indeed an excellent team player and can operate as a member and a leader. He will play an integral part of the success of any business, being a perfectionist and paying attention to even the smallest of detail.

  Chemical; Oil and Gas; Mining; Cement; etc.

  • SAP Product/Solution Area: SAP Solution Manager - Certified. 6 Years Experience.
  • K-Level Rating: K4+
  • Project Manager / Process Engineer
  • Factory Manager
  • Systems & Process Integration Engineer
  • Change Management
  • Business Analyst/Consultant
  • Business Process Modeling and Management
  • Support experience.
  • Training experience.