Financial Reporting Specialist - 11849

Job Role:   Financial Reporting Specialist
Salary:  R 563 926 Per Annum
Location:  JHB 

Mission/ Core purpose of the Job:

The purpose of this job is to oversee the financial reporting process for the Company and to prepare the financial reports

Context: (Global influences, environmental / industry demands, organisational mission, etc.)
  • Rely on a solid base of facts / data to complete tasks
  • Highly pressurized, deadline-driven environment
  • Highly legislated / regulated environment requires compliance
  • Work is procedural / serial in nature with predetermined outcomes
  • Work with issues that are clearly defined and the output is concrete and can be completely specified beforehand
  • Methods and resources for the work carried out can be completely specified
Key Performance Areas: Core, essential responsibilities / outputs of the position (KPA's)
Task Complexity:
  • Indicates those KPAs that are essential to the position itself. These are normally specific to the incumbent, the job,and the function. Excludes role and leadership / management.
Operational Processes
  • Input into identifying ways to fine tune procedures and their application
  • Work with existing processes and procedures in such a way that operational efficiencies and performance are enhanced
  • Share experiences and knowledge of relevant work matters
  • Gather information and research to ensure delivery of results
  • Overcome obstacles encountered by using previously learned methods of solution; or report back, escalating through channels provided, seeking advice from authority; or by trial and error judgments made en route
  • Support the work performed by others
  • Prioritise work to ensure deadlines are met
  • Address problems on a case by case basis, ensuring an optimal balance between the response to the situation
  • Sort, accumulate and analyse information about a particular situation / problem to assist with problem solving
  • Follow clear and linear procedures to find practical solutions to problems pertaining to reconciliations and payments
  • Offer input / judgments relevant to own technical expertise and experience
  • Base judgement predominantly on knowledge, skills and experience to solve problems
General Ledger Accounting
  • Apply general ledger process appropriately and inform/advise other users likewise
  • Ensure that all transactions processed in the GL comply with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) requirements
  • Accurately assign entries to the proper accounts in order to prepare and submit monthly reports.
  • Prepare/review monthly reconciliations and clear down items timeously;
  • Monitor the quality of balance sheet reconciliations across all functions, highlight risks and follow-up on action points
  • GL analysis of income and expenditure accounts;
  • Maintain internal control processes.
  • Provide support and resolution of queries
  • Prepare documents and participate in audit processes
  • Liaison and assistance with the auditors during audits
  • Prepare and analyse accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports in order to assess accuracy, completeness and conformance to reporting and procedural standards.
  • Assist in the preparation of Annual Financial Statements as per IFRS requirements
  • Keep abreast of technical updates relating to IFRS and ensure compliance.
Financial Reporting
  • To timeously report to management regarding the financial position of the organisation.
  • Preparation of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity and Related notes
  • Provide the financial elements of management commentary
  • Monthly results are uploaded on Hyperion Financial Management.
  • Draw information from the system when required
  • Prepare relevant information and data for reporting purposes
  • Ensuring all Group Financial Reporting requirements, including HFM Load and Consolidation
  • Assist with preparation of tax computations and assist with preparation of tax schedules
  • Assist with compiling annual financial statements for the company Ensuring that all IFRS requirements are met
  • Compile and prepare reports without compromising quality and accuracy.
  • Ensure all reporting deadlines are met.
  • Improve report formats to facilitate ease of use
  • Prepare relevant information and data for reporting purposes e.g. expenditure and account analysis reports, intercompany invoices, professional fees schedules etc 
  • Review and provide input to financial policies & procedures, making recommendations as necessary.
  • Process and Procedure Effectiveness
  • Improve methods of carrying out work through on-the-job concrete experience
  • Ensure that workflow continues without interruption 
Quality Management
  • Work consistently according to standards of accuracy, deadlines and formats 
  • Identify processes and procedures where the quality of work may be improved 
  • Understand the consequences of not maintaining quality focus and operate appropriately
  • Document quality standards
  • Ensure quality standards are implemented correctly. Report non-compliance