Data Scientist Consultant - 13154

Job No:  13154
Data Scientist Consultant
Location:  Rosebank
Salary:  R 900 000 -  R 1 500 000 CTC Per Anum

The role of the Consultant Data Scientist aims to offer new services and business models through advanced analytics methods. In this role you will collaborate closely with clients, underwriters, client managers, the IT department, and with relevant AI and Analytics teams
across the globe in Munich, Singapore, Beijing, Sydney, and Princeton. You job is to identify the (future) needs of the client, co-create solutions in teams with the clients, offer value addingsolutions to the clients and generate profitable growth for the Company

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Development and implementation of solutions that enable operational units to increase quantity and quality of new business.
  • Presentation of statistical and ML solutions to internal and external stakeholders.
  • You will apply AI techniques including Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) methods to interpret data and build solutions to improve insurance process management and solve real problems our insurance clients are facing today.
  • You will lead the coding and delivery of projects and will need to provide active thoughtand opinion leadership, in the fields of statistics, AI, ML, and DL within and outside the office.
  • Continue to cultivate strong network with already existing AI and ML intensive units in the Company
  • Participate and lead client discussions regarding potential use case

Desired Experience & Qualification
  • University degree in statistics, applied mathematics, information technology, or a comparable discipline.
  • Capacity for innovation, forward-looking and Group-wide networking thinking and action, strong service orientation.
  • Initiating or conduct an analysis of the situation and environment for existing and new customers, identify issues that are relevant for MR
  • Proactively developing and push solutions/product ideas
  • Very good theoretical and practical knowledge of AI, ML and DL methods and in-depth experience in relevant tools/languages such as Python / R
  • Experience of having worked on big data platforms (Cloudera / Hortonworks, MapR, or Pivotal)
  • Experience of having worked on data science virtual machines on the cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.)
  • Experience in advanced SQL queries
  • Ideal candidate is committed, motivated, willing to learn new tools technologies, and be willing to step outside their comfort zone
  • A self-starter who can work independently and strong team-player