Data Analyst - 219564

Candidate No:  219564
Data Analyst
Location:  Gauteng
Asking Salary:  R 660 000 Per Annum
Availability:  Immediate

A highly motivated and competent Data Analyst, with a strong willingness to learn and grow.
In her current role she is accustomed to working in a high pressure environment where accuracy and attention to detail are essential. She is involved in the preparation of documents that are vital in the capturing and reporting of organisational performance.
These documents include:

  • Compile Monthly & Quarterly Reports - performance reporting of the organisation.
  • Conduct audits on Monthly & Quarterly Reports submissions to ensure data integrity.
  • Produce a research paper on a relevant area as required
  • Liaise with IT & Internal Audit departments re: Validity of data that has been captured by the Fund departments on a monthly basis.
  • Assist in compiling Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Plan send them to the dti. & to Parliament
  • Consolidate Job Creation Statistics between the Strategy and Planning Unit, Post Investment Unit and CRM to ensure accurate figures are reported.
  • Meet with Managers to discuss their departmental Balanced-Score Card BSC at the beginning of the FY.
  • Update Organisational BSC and link it with departmental BSCs
  • Sending out reminders to the Fund Managers to ensure the timeous submission of monthly reports
  • Liaise with NEFs major stakeholders dti, National Treasury & Parliament re: compliance submissions
  • Organise Board Strategic / Exco & Manco Strategic workshops and whole organisation strategic workshops.
  • Perform desktop research - collect secondary data for research and projects
  • Draft Executive Committee (EXCO) / Management Committee (MANCO) submissions
  • Draft Situation Analysis
  • Attend to all the stats requests / enquiries from other departments within the organisation & from other DFIs
  • Compile a monthly report on Economic Overview / Media Analysis.


National Empowerment Fund, Aug 2014 Feb 2015, Managing Strategy and Planning unit