Agile Coach - 12031

Agile Coach
ID: 12031
Location:  Sandton
Contract 6 - 12 months (possible extention)
Salary:  Market related dependent upon experience

A leading Digital Transformation partner for its customers operating in multiple business verticals. It has focus & expertise in various areas including business applications, enterprise software solutions, building niche capabilities in both digital domain and technologies and business processes.
Agile is a project management method that serves as an alternative to traditional methodologies, specifically within the field of software development. As such, Agile Coaches lead teams of developers, often implementing this new methodology for the first time, meaning that in addition to coaching they are driving organizational change. The goal of an Agile Coach is to improve teams of developers and overall project management by increasing collaboration, innovation, and introducing techniques that promote adaptability and flexibility in the face of unpredictable circumstances.

  • Good understanding of how various technologies work together
  • Good understanding of tools used in Continues Integration and Continues Deployment
  • Experience applying a wide variety of well documented patterns and techniques for filling in the international gaps left in the Scrum approach (example: numerous Burdown techniques, numerous Retrospective formats, handling bugs, etc)
  • Certified Scrum Professional and Scrum Master
  • Good knowledge and experience of other Agile approaches: XP, Kanban, DSDM, TSP, Crystal, FDD etc